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Manager, Food Operations

Department: Federation of Students Effective Date: July, 2009


35 hr/wk

Reports to: General Manager

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the General Manager for the management of Federation’s Food Operations.  This position directly supervises Curry-up and Wasabi and also plays a key role in the day management of the Bombshelter.  Federation Food Operations sales are approximately $1,000,000 annually and consist of a Catering operation at Federation Hall, a 500 person banquet hall, and the Bombshelter Kitchen that produces food for a restaurant of approximately 150 seats inside and a patio of 100.   This position directly supervises two full-time staff, the Catering Manager and Bombshelter Kitchen Manager.

Nature and Scope

Working with the General Manager, the Vice-President, Administration and Finance (VPAF), the Bombshelter Kitchen Manager and the Catering Manager, the incumbent will have the nature and scope of the kitchen and catering operations set, objectives identified and strategies implemented.  The dollar implications on an annual basis are identified as part of the operating and capital budgets for Federation Hall Catering, the Bombshelter, Wasabi and Curry-Up as approved by the Federation of Students.

This position will be responsible for supervision of the Bombshelter Kitchen Manager and the Catering Manager.  This will include hiring, scheduling, training, discipline and evaluation of these full-time staff members.  The Food Operations Manager will ensure all sales and expense targets are met and assist both Managers in setting appropriate menus to meet these targets. 

The manager is responsible for determining the various product lines for Wasabi and Curry-Up and negotiating with suppliers for the provision of these goods. 

This position is responsible for all aspects of personnel management for Wasabi and Curry-up to include the training, scheduling (in conjunction with other Food Operations managers), evaluation, discipline and termination of all part-time staff.  This position will also ensure that each employee receives the Part-time Employee Handbook.  The Manager of Food Operations is also responsible for reviewing payroll distribution and authorizing the bi-weekly payroll for the staff in Wasabi and Curry-Up.  On an annual basis, the Manager of Food Operations will review all job descriptions pertaining to the staff to ensure they are consistent with the various part-time positions and the duties being performed by each of these positions.

On a daily basis the Manager of Food Operations will ensure that Wasabi and Curry-Up is ready with the appropriate staff levels and inventory to meet the daily requirements.  The incumbent will inspect all equipment for deficiencies and will be responsible for co-ordinating any repairs to equipment either through internal University maintenance staff or external service technicians. The incumbent will ensure that staff maintains proper standards of customer service.

This position acts as a Floor Manager for the Bombshelter Restaurant/Pub.  This includes monitoring of food quality, consistency and production times.   This position will indicate to Bombshelter management the required staffing levels and will be held accountable to attain targeted labour costs.  The manager will effectively deal with customer complaints.  This position will supervise floor, door, and bar staff during the day consistent with guidelines provided by Bombshelter management. 

The manager will ensure that UW and Federation policies are followed.

The incumbent, or designate, will meet with representatives from various food companies to review the latest information on pricing, and new products and services.  The manager will review new products and their pricing with the General Manager to ensure targeted margins are met.  The manager will check accuracy of invoices and allocate them to the appropriate accounts.  The manager will complete the daily sales summary for Wasabi/Curry-Up.

This position is authorized to make all operating cost commitments with regards to kitchen equipment based on the approved budget.  The Manager of Food Operations recommends all capital asset purchases for the areas and is responsible for maintaining all equipment in a proper working condition.

The position will work with the Bar Operations Manager on any promotions involving food and alcohol.

The Food Operations Manager will ensure that appropriate promotion is undertaken for Wasabi and Curry-Up.  This position will work with the Director of Marketing and Communications to maintain promotion quality consistent with the overall approach of the FEDS.

Other duties as assigned by the General Manager.

Statistical Data

Manage 3 outlets

Supervise 2 full-time staff

Annual Sales over 1 million

Specific Accountabilities

  1. Overall management responsibility for all Federation Food Operations, namely the Bombshelter and Federation Hall Catering to include food and labour costs and other operating costs for each kitchen.
  2. Overall management of a sushi and curry operation focusing on agreed upon objectives and financial results reflected in approved budgets.
  3. Balance the provision of quality food at reasonable prices with the food cost requirements.
  4. Ensure excellent product knowledge relevant to the student market.
  5. To ensure friendly, knowledgeable and well-trained staff is retained through the fulfilment of all normal personnel duties.
  6. Setting of goals and objectives through annual planning of areas.
  7. Supervision of two full-time Food Operations managers.

Working Conditions

This position will require some holiday, weekend and evening hours.

This position works in an organization where the Senior Officers change on an annual basis.  The working environment is dynamic and the person fulfilling these responsibilities must be flexible and adaptable.