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Manager, Therapy and Performance Services

Department: Athletics & Recreational Services Effective Date: September, 2013

USG 11

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Associate Director-Athletics

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Associate Director- Athletics, for all services related to the Athletic Therapy Clinic including the therapeutic treatments involved in the prevention, immediate care, rehabilitation, and reconditioning of sports injuries in the varsity student-athlete population. He/she also provides training, scheduling, and management of all student therapists and staff and makes available all therapy services necessary for student athletes and others participating in the varsity program environment. He/she is responsible for the coordination of all professional therapy providers on behalf of the Department.

Nature and Scope

The position is responsible for the all components related to the health, safety and care of all varsity student athletes at the University of Waterloo. This includes, but is not limited to, staff and student staff supervision, budget management, purchasing of therapeutic supplies and equipment and the overall leadership, planning and direction of the varsity health care group. The UW Athletics Program consists of 32 teams, more than 600 varsity athletes, 75 full and part time coaches, 12 health care professionals and 50 student trainers running on a year round basis.


The Manager- Therapy and Performance Services, is responsible for the development, planning, scheduling, staffing, payment and budgeting for the Athletic Therapy Centre. This includes the recruitment (part-time and volunteer), training, evaluation, and management of 50 student therapists and 2 paid coop students per year. All student therapists will be under the direct supervision of the Manager. This interaction requires the Manager to coordinate payment via Human Resources for a variety of those providers.


This position also develops, reviews, and updates the policies and procedures related to all aspects of the Therapy team. This may include, but is not limited to, areas such as Heat, Lightning, Emergency and Weather related policies as well as the research, planning and development of procedures using the most current best practices for all varsity teams. The Manager is responsible for disseminating these policies and procedures to Therapy staff, coaches, and student-athletes.


The Manager coordinates and collaborates with other University non-athletic units such as Health Services, Counselling Services, Campus Police, Safety Office, Procurement Services and their related support staff. Similarly this person also deals directly with external agents and/or agencies such as other Universities, the OUA and CIS Sport Governing Associations (provincial and national), athletic therapists, physiotherapists, physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, pedorthist, psychologists and local hospitals.


The Manager- Therapy is responsible for the operation, equipment purchases and maintenance of the Athletic Therapy Clinic. The CIF and PAC clinics comprise approximately 3000 square feet and facilitates over 3000 individual clinic visits per year. The Manager is responsible for scheduling clinic times for Therapy staff as well as coordinating clinic times and locations for all outside health care professionals assisting in the care of UW student athletes. The Manager works in the clinic providing clinical assessment and treatment of injuries incurred by any of the over 600 varsity student athletes. This includes injury assessment, applying therapeutic modalities, manual therapy techniques, exercise prescription and programming. The Manager is also responsible for purchasing all consumable supplies for the clinic including physician and therapy supplies, capital therapy equipment and uniforms for staff. This person is also accountable to schedule routine and preventative maintenance on said capital equipment and work with internal and external agencies to perform said maintenance. This also includes securing sponsorship partnerships with suppliers and others and interacting internally with the Manager- Marketing and Promotions in Athletics. 


The Manager must be knowledgeable in all University policies and procedures, be familiar with University Health and Safety policies, and have excellent communication and managerial skills, and good interpersonal relations skills when dealing with Therapy staff, student training staff as well as coaches and student athletes. Knowledge is also required of Government Health and Safety Regulations, and sport risk and liability issues. The Manager interacts and is an active participant in the Athletics Risk Management program.


The student therapy staff is comprised of UW AHS Kinesiology students, other University of Waterloo students, Sheridan College students, and Canadian Athletic Therapy Association certification candidates. Teaching, training orientation and instruction of the student therapists includes theoretical material, practical skills, patient care, clinical and equipment operation, filing and charting patient records, and fostering of a professional atmosphere through appropriate clinical behavior. This instruction is facilitated through classes taught by the incumbent within the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences- Kinesiology. The Manager is responsible for the recruitment and assignment of these student trainers to various varsity teams. These students are assigned to approximately 20 higher risk varsity teams to assist coaches and athletes through prevention and care of injuries to the athletes in practices and games, at home and away. The students may also work in the Athletic Therapy Clinic with other medical and paramedical personnel. The Therapist is available to all athletes and coaches for further consultation and counselling especially in the areas of nutrition, fitness, exercise, drugs, assessment and rehabilitation or referral to appropriate local health care professionals or agencies. 


The Manager coordinates pre-season neurocognitive testing of at-risk sports including but not limited to: football, hockey, rugby, soccer, basketball and volleyball. This testing is performed via interaction with UW AHS-KIN. Follow-up neurocognitive testing for those varsity athletes sustaining traumatic brain injury is arranged by the Manager with the consulting psychologist in AHS-KIN for evaluation relative to baseline testing. Traumatic brain injury return to play protocols, based upon the most current scientific data, are developed and reviewed by the Therapist in consultation with physician and psychologist input. Research involvement with Faculty members in various Faculties on campus and externally is required.


The Manager ensures in the safe participation environments for athletes and student therapists. This includes responsibility for making recommendations to the Facility Manager, and the Associate Athletic Director and coaches regarding major or minor safety repairs to any of the facilities including, but not limited to: arena, gymnasia, fields; instructing student therapists in emergency procedures; advising the Department and student therapists on safe procedures for situations where blood is present; is involved in the Departmental Risk Management Committee. The Manager also works closely with the Strength and Conditioning coordinator to develop a comprehensive return to activity program for injured varsity student athletes.


The Manager is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Injury Centre records including records of staff, qualifications, maintaining a Therapy manual with policies on procedures and operations; submitting and monitoring staff payroll information; patient records, visiting practitioners (doctors, chiropractors, etc.) files and invoicing. The Manager will also coordinate confidential patient record storage and eventual destruction per accepted health care record practices. The Manager will also oversee the implementation of an electronic record-keeping process in coordination with UW IST, Records Management and other members within Athletics.


The Manager must schedule the attendance of a Physician and Athletic Therapist at all home games in high risk sports in accordance with various league requirements and rules. The Manager must be either present at high risk sport practices and home games of other sports, or appoint a qualified therapist to these events. Immediate emergency care may include prophylactic and supportive taping, injury assessment, life support, recognition and management of head and spinal injuries, first aid, and/or implementation of the emergency action plan including interaction with the appropriate health care delivery systems such as the local hospitals. Inventory, maintenance and preparation of emergency equipment and supplies also fall within the jurisdiction of the Manager.


 The Manager oversees the hiring and management of student training staff present at UW Sports Camps for younger athletes that take place at UW. He/she also coordinates student trainer presence at camps for outside users requesting coverage at events taking place at UW Athletic facilities such as camps and competitions. Occasionally this extends to outside users requesting coverage off-site at high school or minor sports events.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

This position requires work in non-traditional hours, often for extended periods of time outside the course of a typical working day including evenings, weekends and holidays.

A Master’s degree in Athletic Therapy, Exercise Science, Kinesiology, or Physical Education required.

Current First Responder, CPR and AED certifications required.

Demonstrated experience in managing staff, both paid and volunteer is required.

Experience covering a variety of elite level sports in a field setting is required.


Certifications and Accreditations required for this position:

Certifications and Accreditations that would benefit this position include:

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist- CSCS with NSCA

Working Conditions