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Staff Language Instructor

Department: French Studies Effective Date: January 19, 2008


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Chair of French Studies

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Chair of French Studies.  Academic duties include:  helping to develop the first year basic French language program on campus; teaching French language courses at all undergraduate levels (campus and distance); training, guiding and supervising 5 graduate teaching assistants and lab monitors; co-ordinating multi-sectioned courses on campus and by distance.  Administrative duties include serve as liaison with the area’s Francophone community, serve as a member of the language lab committee.


The incumbent is responsible for provision of French courses, on campus. He/She attends and participates in Department meetings, participates in Department committees, is a voting member in matters that relate to he/her position, has full responsibility for the courses he/she teaches. He/She does not perform duties in direct service to faculty members.

Nature and Scope

The Department of French Studies has four adjunct faculty members, nine full-time faculty, 3 staff language instructors, an average of four part-time lecturers each term, course markers (approximately eight), graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants (approximately fifteen), language lab assistants (approximately eight per term), one monitor, one assistant(e) and two support staff members.  The department’s mandate is to teach, and provide program advising/coordination for students and to conduct research in French Studies.  The undergraduate program has the following components:  arts and business, co-op; general (three- and four-year programs) and honours majors; French teaching specialization; third-year study in Chicoutimi, Nantes; an exchange program in Paris; and, student awards.  All members of the department report directly to the Chair of the department.  In the

absence of the Chair/Acting Chair the Chair’s secretary serves as the Chair’s delegate in administrative matters and as departmental resource person.


The position of staff language instructor / course coordinator is more than the sum of its parts.  Coordinating a successful basic level language program requires a combination of responsibility and originality, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, initiative and resourcefulness, organizational skills, and a knowledge and understanding of the university and its community.

Statistical Data

The department has an operating budget of $22,000 and two teaching budgets – a flexible teaching budget of approximately $75,000 and a fixed teaching budget. 

Specific Accountabilities

In the capacity of staff language instructor, the incumbent reports to the Chair and performs the following tasks:



Registrar’s Office; Mature Student Office; Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Office; Distance Education; Language Laboratory; and, International Program Office.




Textbook representatives, Francophone Association of Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario – Rhône/Alpes program office.

Working Conditions