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Administrative Manager

Department: Engineering Undergraduate Office Effective Date: December, 2009


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Assoc Dean Undergrad Studies

General Accountability

Reporting directly to the Associate Dean of Engineering, U/G Studies, the Administrative Manager oversees all functions carried out within the Engineering Undergraduate Office, is the personal assistant to the Associate Dean, supervises the support staff, and is responsible for all operating financial matters. The incumbent is involved with the faculty undergraduate committees which approve curriculum changes including implementation of the calendar revisions, new programs and options and acts as liaison between the engineering undergraduate offices and the Registrar's Office on many undergraduate-related activities.

Nature and Scope

The office is comprised of the Associate Dean of Engineering, U/G Studies, the Associate Dean of Co-op Education and Professional Affairs, three directors (Admissions, First Year, Exchange), two associate directors (Admissions, First Year), three senior demonstrators and eight support staff. In addition, the Engineering U/G Office provides counselling (personal and academic) on a full-time basis with the assistance of two professional counsellors.

The Engineering Undergraduate Office is involved in many academic matters such as: student promotion considerations, program and course changes, student record processing, scheduling issues, student discipline matters as well as student grievances. The engineering accreditation reports and many co-op matters are also dealt with in this office. The engineering admissions process is handled here, as well as management of the first year student body and teaching responsibilities. The teaching team for first year engineering students is drawn from several engineering departments, the faculties of Mathematics and Science, as well as from in-house members of the Engineering U/G Office. In addition, engineering exchange programs are administered through this office, for both incoming and outgoing exchange students. The Professional Development for Engineering Students (PDEng) program is part of the Engineering Undergraduate Office administration and although it includes a Director and Associate Director, they report to the Associate Dean of Engineering, Undergraduate Studies.

The Administrative Manager (AM) is responsible for establishing, organizing and implementing departmental policies and procedures and requires a strong knowledge of UW guidelines, policies and procedures. The AM acts as a consultant for support staff and sets a standard for work organization, job knowledge and professionalism. The AM assumes responsibilities as assigned by the Associate Dean or self-initiated in order to promote the efficiency and productivity of the Undergraduate Office.

One of the key functions of this position is to manage the resources of the Engineering Undergraduate Office including: all permanent staff (supervision, hiring, training, task allocation, evaluation and questions); all temporary staff (teaching assistants, co-op students, sessional and adjunct appointments); all academic administrative positions such as directors, associate directors; budget responsibilities including payroll, purchasing and the maintenance of all budget records; space issues; computing needs; safety and security issues and systems.

Significant Internal Relationships:

Reporting Relationships/Supervision:

Positions that report to the Administrative Manager include:

Provide administrative support to:


Specific Administrative Accountabilities:

Specific duties:

1. Office/Resource Manager

2. Assistant to the Associate Dean


3. Undergraduate Calendar Co-ordinator

4. Financial Responsibilities


5. Admissions and First Year Activities

6. Students


Statistical Data

Update job descriptions annually for eight staff positions.

Supervise seven full-time staff members and conduct annual staff performance evaluations.

Hold pre-evaluation meetings with six staff to discuss goals, working environment and to review job descriptions annually; prepare six evaluation forms, arrange meetings to discuss with the Associate Dean, then meetings with each staff member (approx. 20 meetings in total).

For one other staff, work in conjunction with the Admin. Co-ordinator; for four other senior positions, work in conjunction with Directors on the above steps.

Oversee activities of three directors, two associate directors and three demonstrators as necessary.

Arrange payroll for approx. 50 graduate TAs, 30 (full-time) undergraduate TAs and 35 (part-time) undergraduate TAs per year.

Responsible for agenda preparation, organization and minutes of faculty committees:Faculty Operations Faculty U/G Stud Others as developed for new and changing activities within the faculty (i.e. new programs)

Other Committee/Group work includes: 
Engineering U/G Office Director’s meetings (participation and minute recording)Associates Deans, U/G and CEPA, Administrative Manager and Administrative Assistant University Calendar Committee
Assistant to Associate Deans Networking Group Administrative Assistants Networking Group (Faculty of Engineering)Safety Committee (attend faculty meetings and arrange department meeting when required)

Liaison between Associate Dean, Undergraduate Associate Chairs and support staff for 13 programs within the faculty.

Responsible for operating budget totalling over $1 million annually. 
There are 13 Engineering U/G programs, nine administrative departments, 11 U/G AssociateChairs/Directors and 13 administrative co-ordinators.  Current U/G student enrolment is just under 6,000 students, with first year enrolment on the rise.

Specific Accountabilities

  1. Manage and supervise all activities of the U/G Office and resolve problems in a timely manner (including supervision and yearly evaluation of seven support staff).
  2. Assist the Associate Dean in all aspects of his duties (including involvement in committees) and assist in the design of new processes to improve the operation of the Undergraduate Office, adapt to changing systems, report and assist with problems related to all office functions and handle problems and issues in his absence.
  3. Co-ordinate revision of the yearly undergraduate calendar including developing familiarity with new university systems and procedures as well as keeping all U/G departments informed of the process.
  4. Manage budget (including staff and student TA payroll) and maintain summary reports and files for office operations including teaching assistants.
  5. Assist with organization of new first year students by overseeing the admission process and delegating support staff tasks as necessary to meet deadlines.

Working Conditions

Much of the time is spent in a comfortable office environment with frequent opportunities to interact with co-workers when required. Regular close interaction with the Associate Dean on undergraduate issues, committee preparation, changes in the faculty, etc.  Frequent interruptions related to office issues, staff concerns, problems related to physical plant and planning. The work is varied and duties include: letter and memo preparation for the Associate Dean, U/G Studies; committee/agenda preparation and minute taking; awareness of staff issues and problem-solving; monitoring of staff workload, updating job descriptions and preparation of staff performance appraisals; budget forecasting and reconciliation. In addition there is a frequent need to interact with the Engineering departments on policies and procedures; support staff on student discipline matters, U/G calendar updates, as well as another support staff who is currently housed in a remote location due to space constraints.