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Student Accounts Administrator

Department: Finance Effective Date: July, 2009

USG 5/6


Reports to: Supervisor, Student Accounts

General Accountability

The Student Accounts Administrator is accountable to the Supervisor, Student Accounts, for ensuring that student inquiries regarding tuition, other fee assessments and related matters are handled promptly, professionally and with courtesy. The position requires accurate and timely processing of financial transactions to students’ accounts. In this capacity, the incumbent possesses a thorough understanding of the student account and related financial procedures, as well as the registration process.

Nature and Scope

Student Accounts is responsible for the accurate assessment, billing and collection of all tuition and related fees.

The Student Accounts Administrators work as a team to ensure that tasks are completed and students receive a high level of service. Tasks are varied and comprehensive, and the team is required to prioritize and organize work to ensure tasks are completed accurately and in a timely manner. Each member of the team has primary responsibility for specific specialized tasks (administration of the UHIP plan for students, administration of the collection of overdue student accounts, administration of student account adjustments/corrections/refunds, administration of incoming international student payments and late registrations) but each provides cross-functional support to another Administrator and performance of basic functions within the department rotate throughout the year  in response to the registration cycle each term.  Responsibilities may vary and cross-functional training is required by each Administrator.

The Student Accounts Administrator is part of a team which annually processes :


23,000    Registration documents                                                

11,000    Manual payments                                dollar volume  $ 39 million

      800   Manual refunds                                    dollar volume  $   1.6 million

   3,300   UHIP premiums                                    dollar volume  $   2.5 million

   9,000   Endowment refunds                                                         

                Tuition and Incidental Fees                dollar volume  $170 million

                Residence Fees                                     dollar volume   $ 17 million

and services a student population in excess of 25,000 students each term.

Registered students form the foundation of a university, a significant source of its funding and the basis for all of its ancillary services, reputation and attractive destination for donation dollars.  As such, the Student Account Administrators, in their face-to-face interactions with students (and parents) and their direct impact on both the student experience and the student's financial experience at the University, have an answerability which is significant.  



At the Proficient level (Grade 5),the Student Accounts Administrator must demonstrate:




At the Expert Level (Grade 6),The Student Accounts Administrator must demonstrate the following expertise:


  • inactive graduate student with no assessment needing UHIP coverage (contact Graduate Studies Office)
  • charged for September - April but finished courses end of December. Student wants to terminate coverage as of December 31st   (contact Registrar's Office and Sun Life)
  • student arrives October 1st for first term  (contact Sun Life)
  • student and family previously covered at Renison University College until Sept. 30th and now both students at UW as of September 1st  (contact Renison and Sun Life)
  • how to maintain UHIP coverage during maternity leave
  • inactive -why are/aren't they being charged for UHIP?
  • Undergraduate student - UHIP is not being charged with their tuition
  • why are they being charged UHIP when they have OHIP?
  • if Permanent Resident qualifies for OHIP coverage
  • if International student qualifies for OHIP coverage
  • if changing streams
  • if a student is maintaining UHIP coverage as a dependant of another student
  • dependants arrive mid term

Statistical Data


Specific Accountabilities

At a proficient level (USG 5), the Student Account Administrator demonstrates the ability to:



At an expert level (USG 6), the Student Account Administrator functioning also demonstrates the ability to:


Working Conditions