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Manager, Technology Integrated Services

Date: October 5, 2016
Reports to (Job Title): Director, Technology Integrated Services
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles):

Supervisors, Technology Integrated Services; Systems Integration Specialists; IST Network Technicians; Network Support Specialists.

Department: Information Systems & Technology


Main Campus


USG 15
35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

Manages the people, technology, and processes that provide service to the University, within the Manager’s unit and areas of expertise, as well as actively participating in that service. The Manager must work closely with other managers to coordinate implementation of projects not specific to any one manager's area of expertise.  


The Technology Integrated Services Manager(s) will have responsibility for one of the following areas:


Key Accountabilities:


IST liaison - Act as an integral member of the IST management team. Work with client-constituencies management to establish requirements to extend the scope and increase the quality of facilities and services. Represent IST in university-wide projects and committees. Promote effective co-operation of Faculty support staff and IST staff. Interact with vendors and other external organizations.


Technology assessment and project formation - Assess technologies, evaluate potential acquisitions, and formulate development and implementation plans to achieve solutions to requirements. Define the scope and tasks of resulting projects. Prepare resource requirements, cost estimates, and staff commitments. Recommend configurations for major acquisitions of hardware, software, and services. Present recommendations to IST and client-constituencies management as appropriate.



Facility and service development - Educate staff with regard to the purpose of projects, the general outcomes expected, and the required completion time-frames. Schedule tasks, assign staff, monitor performance, and report progress.



Facility and service operation - Work with IST management to establish and implement service-level objectives for all relevant facilities and services.  Assess technologies and equipment necessary for monitoring the operation of all components and make recommendations on appropriate acquisitions. Maintain the capability for 24x7 response to recover from failures of critical systems and components.



Staff training and development - Provide direction and functional guidance to assigned staff. Recommend training and acquisitions to extend abilities. Establish and carry out specific professional-development programs. Conduct annual performance evaluations. Recommend promotions and/or re-classifications when appropriate. Participate in evaluating applicants for available positions and make hiring recommendations.



Perform as a Senior Technologist in areas of technical expertise. Participate in technical activities of the unit and the group.

Position Requirements


University degree in a related field or equivalent education and experience.


Three or more years of supervisory experience with the proven ability to develop and mentor staff.


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Basic Basic Basic

Demonstrated capability to be proactive and predictive in changing demands and technologies while minimizing and identifying risk

= Advanced


Detailed planning and organization of large and complex projects = Advanced


Interpersonal, customer service, communication (oral and written), problem solving, analytical, and time management skills

= Advanced


Ability to interact with a wide variety of clients under stressful conditions is an assets

= Advanced


Developing and deploying methodologies for testing and enhancing performance

= Intermediate


Deductive and investigative skills to identify and diagnose complex, non-intuitive technical problems

= Intermediate


Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

The position requires that the Manager possess planning and leadership skills, communication and presentation skills, and ability to effectively manage the tasks and responsibilities, within their respective areas of responsibility.   The Manager must have technical expertise at the Senior Technologist level and be prepared to spend significant effort as senior technical staff, in addition to management duties.   The Manager must establish and maintain the respect and confidence of the IST management team and of those responsible for related facilities and services in academic and academic-support units throughout the university, where applicable, and must work closely with them to support their efforts. The Manager must take the initiative in evaluating relevant new technologies and working with IST and client-constituencies management to exploit these opportunities. The Manager must be familiar with, comply with, and promote the University's policies related to information systems and technology.   The Manager has on-going responsibilities for assigned staff, including the assignment of work, provision of technical direction, performance reviews, and recommendations for hiring, promotions, reclassifications, and disciplinary issues. The Manager must exercise tact and diplomacy in directing the work of professionals and allocate their assignments so as to create a productive work environment and career opportunities. The Manager co-operates with the rest of IST management on general issues of IST staffing, career paths and staff mobility within and among groups, the establishment of procedures and standards, monitoring staff performance and focusing staff efforts on University goals in response to changes in technology, the university environment, and IST priorities. The Manager works closely with the managers and staff in the other Technology Integrated Services units, other IST groups, and other UW departments to support the evolution of services in a team-oriented approach.

Level of Responsibility:

The position is responsible and accountable for the overall results for a specific Technology Integrated Services area.  

Decision-Making Authority:

In consultation with the Director, responsible and accountable for establishing the priorities for a specific Technology Integrated Services area.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Minimal demands typical of a managerial position operating within an IT environment.

Working Environment:

Normally, the Manager carries out all responsibilities during UW business hours. However, the Manager must occasionally work outside of UW business hours to direct the introduction of new technology into the production environment, and might infrequently be called upon to work outside of UW business hours if emergency conditions warrant.