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Administrative Officer

Department: Chemical Engineering Effective Date: July, 2008


35 hr/week

Reports to: Chair of the Chemical Engineering

General Accountability

The Administrative Assistant reports directly to the Chair of the Chemical Engineering Department and is accountable for the administrative and financial operations to support the teaching and research environment of the Department Chemical Engineering and the Nanotechnology program. 

Nature and Scope

The major responsibility of the Administrative Officer is to provide organizational, administrative and financial structure and support necessary to manage the Department.  This includes attending Departmental meetings and serving as a resource person to the Space and Technical Services Committee.  The Administrative Officer’s position encompasses ChE faculty and staff, financial, payroll and resource issues both on a day-to-day basis and on a long-term planning basis.  Student responsibilities include the scheduling of classes and working closely with the Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies and the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies.  The position also provides administrative support to the Chair of the Department.

Statistical Data


Number of Faculty

Number of Postdocs/Visitors



Number of Students

600 Undergrad, 120 Grad

Number of Staff


Operating Budget


Specific Accountabilities

Administrative Accountabilities:

1.           Responsible for establishing, organizing and implementing departmental and office policies and procedures and strong knowledge of University of Waterloo’s guidelines, policies and procedures.

2.           Manage renovation projects which involve continuous liaison with Plan Operations, general contractors and departmental personnel.

3.           Staff Relations

4.           Space/Keys/Telephones:

5.           Administrative Duties:

6.           Confidential Duties


Financial Duties


1.           Establish a departmental budget in consultation with the Chair.  Administer and reconcile operation, startup, ATOP, Differential, Grad Expansion, trust accounts and special research budgets.  Provide Chair with statements on expenditures and commitments on a regular basis.

2.           Provide financial support to faculty regarding startup grants and other special project funds as well as monitor all research account balances.  This includes Canada Research Chairs, NSERC Research Chairs, CFI, etc.

3.           Create and monitor payroll for faculty, staff, graduate TAs, research associates, PDFs, visitors, casual and temporary employees.  Appointments and terminations related to Payroll, Dean’s office, tec.

4.           Receive, scrutinize and distribute monthly research account statements and provide monthly summaries to Chair.

5.           Liaise with Office of Research for research accounts re commitments, encumbrances, expenses, corrections.

Working Conditions

Situated in a private office with window.  Updated computer equipment.