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Chair’s Secretary/Departmental Website Administrator

Department: Biology Effective Date:
Grade: USG 6 Reports to: Chair

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Administrative Officer and to the Chair and provides administrative support and secretarial support for the Chair,  two Associate Chairs and Administrative Officer.

Nature and Scope

In the Department of Biology there are 5 additional administrative support staff and 13 technical support staff that report directly to the Administrative Officer.

The scope of this position encompasses two main functions; Secretary to the Chair and Associate Chairs and Departmental Website Administrator.

As the Secretary to the Chair and/or Associate Chairs the workload will vary from time to time as the Chair’s position changes every 4 to 8 years. This position is vital in providing a connecting link during these transitional periods.  The department is in a recruiting phase and will be recruiting approximately 5-10 faculty over the next 3-4 years.

As the Departmental Website Administrator, the incumbent is responsible for the creation, updates and maintenance of the departmental website. The incumbent must be diligent in the collection and maintenance of data from new and existing faculty members as well as staff and visitors to the department. The incumbent is also the departmental representative on the Science Web Action Team (SWAT).  SWAT representatives are responsible for the ongoing web design, implementation and maintenance of the Faculty of Science web space.

Significant internal and external relationships for this position include:

Statistical Data

The Department of Biology has 40 faculty members, 3 instructors, and 12 undergraduate officers. There are 7 administrative support staff and 13 technical support staff. The Department offers programs in Honours Biology, Honours Biochemistry, Bioinformatics and Biomedical Sciences and currently teaches approximately 6500 undergraduate students each term. The Department also has a graduate enrollment of approximately 120 M.Sc. and Ph.D. students, and currently hires approximately 100 – 150 undergraduate and graduate TA’s to aid in undergraduate course delivery. In addition, the department has approximately 4 research technicians and 28 post-doctoral fellows, 25 cross appointed and 89 adjunct faculty members.

The operating budget for the Biology is $5.5 million, research funding of $6 million and a TA budget of $680K.

Specific Accountabilities

  1. Document Preparation: Prepare confidential information on behalf of the Chair, Associate Chairs and/or Administrative Officer.  As a result, the incumbent must possess superior communication skill, both in an oral and written format and demonstrate professionalism and confidentiality.
  2. Merit Evaluation: Gather data pertaining to teaching, publications, undergraduate and graduate supervision as well as departmental and university service records for each faculty member from faculty year end reports. Generate confidential binders and circulate to Merit Committee Members and the Chair.  Attend Merit Committee meeting and record minutes. Summarize merit ratings on spreadsheets by Professorial rank and forward to the Dean’s office. Generate confidential summary sheets for each faculty members and arrange follow up meetings with the Chair if necessary.
  3. Tenure and Promotion: Collect and analyze candidate’s brief, prepare copies of five relevant scholarly works as well as the list of seven external referees to ensure all information provided is accurate and complete. Book and prepare binders for the Tenure and Promotion meeting held at the departmental level. Prepare and distribute copies and recommendation memos for each candidate to the Dean upon completion of the departmental meeting.
  4. Faculty Recruitment: Accept and process incoming faculty recruitment files. Database information, arrange for file circulation to the committee members using sharepoint. Arrange travel arrangements, accommodations, room bookings, AV equipment and interview schedules for interview candidates. Provide follow-up for the candidate and process travel claims.  Process paperwork for new faculty appointments.
  5. Website Administrator: Create, update and maintain all departmental websites using Drupal. Diligently contact individual faculty members for up-to-date information regarding faculty  websites. Update and maintain accurate lists of all faculty, staff, current visitors and graduate students within the department. Update and maintain Biology events calendar and well as update news feed information on web.
  6. Faculty Appointments: Prepare and process all sabbatical, administrative, faculty, postdoctoral, research associate, visitor, sessional, adjunct and cross-appointment paperwork and distribute to the appropriate departments across campus.
  7. Events Co-ordinator: Arrange events and/or meetings using Doodle on the Chair’s behalf for various committees including room bookings, audio-visual needs and catering services.
  8. Records Management: Create and maintain a database to track faculty, postdocs, cross-appointments, adjuncts and committee memberships etc. Responsible for processing confidential election ballots for Merit, Tenure and Promotion and Executive Committee memberships.
  9. Supervision of Staff: Provide functional staff supervision in the absence of the Administrative Officer.
  10. Guest Seminar Series: Assist Co-ordinator with distribution of seminar notices to various departments across campus and units off campus. Books rooms and AV equipment, provide parking information for guest speaker and process travel claims when required.


Working Conditions