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Senior Facility Assistant

Department: Athletics & Recreational Services Effective Date:
January 2007
Grade: USG 6 Reports to: Facility Manager

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Director of Athletics and Recreational Services and under the general supervision of the Facility Manager for the achievement of program objectives through functions related to the operation of the Physical Activities Complex and the Columbia Icefield Equipment Centre, and arena, performance of specific equipment centre services and for performing assigned services to create suitable and safe environments for internal and external users of the facilities.

Nature and Scope

The Senior Facility Assistant reports directly to the Facility Manager.  In addition the incumbent would interface directly with other departmental supervisory positions especially the Interuniversity Coordinators and the Coordinators of Campus Recreation, as well as the equipment centre full and part-time staff.  The full-time athletic professional staff, part-time coaches and assistants, and Campus Recreation student assistants who use the facilities would interact with the incumbent in the areas of facility and field preparation, equipment disbursement, cleaning and repair, and ice surface management and preparation.


The incumbent has direct dealings in person and by phone with other University non-athletic staff, faculty and administrative units such as Plant Operations, Grounds, Janitorial Services, and Security.  Similarly this person also interfaces with all constituent user groups who utilize the services available in the Physical Activities Complex, the Columbia Icefield gymnasium, change facility and arena.


The incumbent must be knowledgeable in university policies and procedures, familiar with staff policies, have excellent communication and good interpersonal relations skills.  Knowledge is also required of Health and Safety Regulations, commercial laundry equipment, and storage and minor repairs for all types of equipment. The incumbent is responsible for renewal of First Aid course and AED course which is a requirement of the Department.


Pertaining to the Physical Activities Complex, the incumbent provides services to faculty, staff and students as entitled with towels and athletic equipment; is responsible for gymnasium set-up and removal of equipment utilized for all varsity home events and Campus Recreation programs; maintains and repairs equipment; acts as a building supervisor for special events by external users.  The senior facility assistant also assigns and supervises change rooms, and issues equipment to varsity teams.  Special duties may also be assigned, from time to time, by the Facility Manager.


The incumbent may also work as an assistant in the Columbia Icefield Equipment Centre.  Duties at the Columbia Icefield facility would closely resemble the duties as an assistant in the Physical Activities Complex.


The incumbent is responsible for the operation and supervision of the concession areas during any events.  The incumbent may be assigned, at the discretion of the Facility Manager, any other task necessary for the proper and safe functioning of athletics programs and the facilities under the department’s jurisdiction.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Senior Facility Assistant assigned to the Physical Activities Complex and the Columbia Icefield facility:


Specific Accountability: 

Working Conditions