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Manager, CampusTechshop

Department: Retail Services - CampusTechshop Effective Date: April 2006


Reports to: Director, Retail Services

General Accountability

The Computer Store manager is accountable for the viable financial management, daily operations of CampusTechshop by ensuring assigned duties are performed by competent staff and the Retail Services goals/objectives are achieved. Additionally, the Manager must work with the Director of Retail Services

to establish the long term future for the way that IT products will be retailed on campus and the evolution of  Campus Techshop into a format that best serves the IT retailing needs of UW.

Nature and Scope

The incumbent reports to the Director of Retail Services.  Retail Services is a University ancillary organization consisting of the Bookstore, CampusTechshop,  UW Shop, Techworx, and Artworx.  The managers for these ancillary units report to the Director of Retail Services.  In addition to the business unit managers, the Retail Services Marketing Manager, Special Projects/IT Manager and Accounting Manager also report to the Director.

The CampusTechshop manager is expected to assist with developing a financially viable business plan that demonstrates positive customer service and financial performance.  In consultation with the Director of Retail Services, the manager is responsible for implementation of the business plan.   The incumbent will assess business opportunities, product categories/inventory management, and vendor contracts. The manager will conduct meetings with faculty, staff and vendors for constructive feedback and input.

The manager is responsible for informing the Director of all business activities, vendor obligations, industry association relations/commitment affiliated with the CampusTechshop.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Financial Management

Sales Performance


Campus Relations

Supervisory Duties


Other Duties

Working Conditions