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Department: Biology Effective Date: October 2002
Grade: USG 8 Reports to: Administrative Officer

General Accountability

Reporting to the Administrative Officer in the Biology Department.  The incumbent is responsible for Departmental computing facilities as well as supporting Faculty of Science Computing. The incumbent provides technical support to faculty and instructors by preparing for and assisting in laboratory courses in Invertebrate and Vertebrate Zoology, Limnology and Marine Ecology.

Nature and Scope

Teaching Labs

The incumbent is responsible lfor the laboratory component for courses in Invertebrate Zoology, Vertebrate Zoology, Limnology and Marine Ecology.  Laboratory assistance includes the setting-up of laboratory equipment and provision of materials as required; cleaning up of the laboratory at the end of each session.  Proper and/or safe equipment operation is to be demonstrated by the technician.  Specimens are obtained through purchase or field collection.

Responsible for the trouble-shooting of experiments, assisting the instructor and/or faculty member in the development of new experiments or lab displays.  Where necessary, the technician is to prepare appropriate demonstration material.

Responsible for assisting teaching assistants and undergraduate students in all aspects of laboratory performance and may be called upon to explain the principles behind experiments.  In the event of a shortage of teaching assistants, the technician may be asked to fill in.  This requires a sound understanding of the theoretical, as well as practical aspects of invertebrate and vertebrate morphology, ecology, systematics, behavioural biology, aquatic system ecology and aquatic system analysis.

Responsible for administering course budgets, ordering laboratory supplies as well as general prep room maintenance and supplies; maintaining contact with sales people for technical updates on products; maintaining all teaching equipment in satisfactory working condition; updating safety procedures including maintenance of first aid supplies and proper disposal of hazardous materials.

Provide technical and demonstrator support on field courses including SCUBA diving.

Provide technical and demonstrator support for advanced laboratory course, Current Methods in Aquatic Science.



Provide quality computer networking environment for the Biology Department.  Provide enhanced learning environment for undergraduates in labs and field courses.



Computing - 60%

Administrative/Committees - 10%

Programming/Skill Upgrading - 15%

Computer Administration/Maintenance - 35%

Teaching Labs - 25%

Field Courses - 10%

Animal Collections - 5%



Provide recommendations on software and hardware purchases for faculty and graduate students. 

Installation and configuration of computers.

Administer, maintain and provide support for the department level computer network.  This includes providing a  secure computing environment through local security software, secure OS configuration and network monitoring and scanning.

Administer, maintain and support administrators of server level computers in the Biology Department.

Provide emergency computer support, including both hardware/software problem diagnosis and OS recovery.

Provide computing support for Apple Macintosh computers for the Faculty of Science.

Provide programming for teaching and administrative use.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions