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Service/Surplus Coordinator

Date: November 27, 2015
Reports to (Job Title): Assistant Manager
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Department: Central Store




USG 5-6
40 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

  The Service/Surplus Coordinator reports to the Assistant Manager of Central Stores.  This position coordinates, oversees and participates with departmental requests for stored supplies, forms, operates surplus sales and oversees the service/maintenance of pallet moving equipment. In addition this position follows university protocol to store and maintain records retention boxes, in the ECH warehouse, for various UW departments.  The incumbent is required to be a liaison between our department and other UW departments or companies to insure tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Daily morning opening procedures at the Central Stores, ECH facility and make available secured keys for route staff.

  • UW supply inventory control, for requisitioned items which also includes ordering, issuing and reporting supply inventory movement.

  • Sets up and oversees monthly UW Surplus sales.  This includes all used UW items being sold back on campus or abroad.  Duties include set up, pricing, cash management, financial reporting and acting as the lead at each event.
  • Coordinate and organize “sealed bid” procedures for high value items for sale and oversee the final sale and Finance processing, for UW departments.

  • Provides hard-drive data swiping/erasing services (for IST) on all required computer systems, presented as surplus or for e-waste recycling.  This process is required to meeting data security protocols.

  • Inspect computer/electronic equipment destine for surplus or E-waste and process these goods as either functioning sellable items or for disposal as e-waste.  This task will involve the removal and/or the installation of specific items (hard drives, disk drives, etc.) to best facilitate the products end use. This position based on training and experience makes the final decision on which stream the product will enter.
  • Oversee, coordinate and institute records retention control which includes the acceptance, inventory maintenance and disbursement of on campus departmental records stored at Central Stores, ECH.
  • Oversee and coordinate floor and rack space for short-term storage of varying product in ECH warehouse storage areas.
  • Coordinate and schedule material handling vendors to deliver and pickup 40 yard scrap material bins as required and for UW green initiatives.
  • Trainer to certify/license select university staff to operate various industrial trucks (tow motor, pallet movers and stackers), across campus.
  • To act as a liaison between Central Stores, the UW community and other companies regarding supply inventory, surplus and recycling procedures.
  • Set up weekly, by appointment only, meetings with on campus staff so that the staff can view and/or purchase office furniture and equipment for use back on campus.
  • Maintain the functionality of all Central Stores pallet trucks, tow-motors, stackers and battery powered pallet movers; through problem identification and the acquisition of appropriate service techs.
  • Work with the Supervisor as required to maintain designated warehouse areas to be safe and efficient work spaces.
  • Assist with the e-waste/paper recycling/shredding processes as required.

Position Requirements


College courses in Materials Management would be an asset


Microsoft Office – including Word and Excel and experience with Oracle Financials is an asset


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
word excel powerpoint other

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Must be well organized and have excellent communication skills. Excellent customer service skills. Excellent problem solving skills. Experience in a logistic environment is a strong preference Leadership skills.

Level of Responsibility:

This job serves the campus community, staff, students, and faculty.  In addition, this position deals with members of the public locally, nationally and internationally.

Decision-Making Authority:

Establish price points for surplus items and authorize the sale of UW goods following university protocols.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Ability to lift or move heavy equipment/packages (varying weights from 1 to 5,000 pounds).

Working Environment:

Able to work with minimum supervision in different capacities. Maintain precise records and manage cash receipts for services provide. Work overtime when necessary


The Service/Surplus Coordinator position requires a considerable amount of self-discipline.  Due to conflicting demands/priorities and unpredictable individual situations, the incumbent needs to have good judgement, dedication, and a demonstrated ability to work steadily and effectively in a high pressure and constantly changing environment.  This position must also be available to work outside of regular business hours, when required.