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AMS Prep/Tritium Technician/Office Assistant

Department: Earth and Environmental Sciences Effective Date: February 2011
Grade: USG 6 Reports to: EIL Lab Manager

General Accountability

Under the supervision of the EIL Lab Manager, the technician is responsible for the preparation of organic and inorganic radiocarbon samples in breakseals for Carbon -14 dating at AMS facilities, and water samples for dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC’s) for Carbon-13 isotope determination. The technician is also responsible for the preparation and analysis of water samples for enriched tritium as needed. The incumbent will be versed sufficiently in isotope theory to be able to discuss procedures and results with clients.  Supervision of technicians for pre-treatments, DIC samples and other duties as required is also the responsibility of the incumbent. Also functions as an office assistant for reporting of results to clients, responds to client concerns and communicates general pricing for established analyses.

Nature and Scope

The Environmental Isotope Laboratory (EIL) operates on a fee for service basis analyzing samples for the content of various isotopes for both University and external researchers. The EIL charges for these analyses to cover chemicals, equipment and salary costs related to the analyses, therefore there is a job available as long as there are samples to analyze. The incumbent will be an integral part of the team to provide sample analyses results in a timely manner to clients from around the world. Duties assigned will include the set up and operation of laboratory analytical equipment, conduct data analysis and interaction with students, co-workers and clients.

Statistical Data

Analyses                                   150     ($11,000)

Sample Results Reported        33,000 ($1,500,000)

Clients                                     150+

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions