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Client Support Assistant

Department: Information Systems and Technology Effective Date:

January 5, 2005

Grade: USG 5/6 Reports to: Supervisor, General Services, IST Client Services

General Accountability

Client Services staff assigned to the General Services area of the Computing Help and Information Centre (CHIP) participate in all of the services, support, training, communications and marketing responsibilities of Client Services with a particular focus on those services available in the CHIP.

Nature and Scope

The CHIP is the primary point of contact for IST clients. General Services staff are responsible for the following functions:


Senior Client Support Assistant

Senior client support assistants have more extensive technical and problem solving skills to deal with complex, non-routine problems. These problems might arise out of the use of one of the IST services (e.g. the dial-up services) and would require an in-depth knowledge of services (the technology and how it is used to provide the service) and procedures as well as a good knowledge of the client's computing environment.

Senior client support assistants take a leadership role in training and supporting junior staff and in the ongoing evolution of the service area. They identify requirements for new services and participate in the planning and implementation of changes.

Senior client support assistants actively participate in the training, communications and marketing responsibilities of Client Services. They teach courses and assist other instructors, develop and maintain Web sites, bulletin boards and printed documentation.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

As a client-centered service area, excellent interpersonal skills are required. General services staff frequently deal with clients who are often demanding and stressed because of problems with their computer equipment. Staff must represent other IST service areas in a diplomatic and professional manner, sensitive to the needs of the client but understanding of the priorities and commitments of the service area.

Excellent communications skills are required to understand client requirements, communicate solutions to clients in an understandable fashion and describe these requirements to other IST service providers (e.g. Hardware and Network Services). Good communications skills are required to assist clients and teach skill development seminars on how to use the various services available in the CHIP.


Technical and Problem Solving Skills

A good general understanding of the computing environment at UW is required including a knowledge of what services are provided, how they are provided and who is responsible for providing the services.

A general knowledge of supported PC/Mac environments, hardware and software is required in order to diagnose and document problems in service request forms.

Detailed knowledge is required of all CHIP service areas, including internet services, the scanner, exam marking and the processing of client service resource applications.

Working Conditions

Physical Effort:

Physical Environment:

Sensory Requirements:

Mental Stress: