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Assistant Registrar, Records Operations

Date: July 1, 2016
Reports to (Job Title): Associate Registrar, Records and Systemss
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): Records Coordinator (3)
Department: Office of Registrar


Main Campus


USG 12
35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Assistant Registrar, Records Operations reports to the Associate Registrar, Records and Systems.  They manage three teams responsible for the implementation of University and Faculty academic policies and procedures as they pertain to undergraduate students and for providing excellent customer services to colleagues and students.  They play a major role in the retention and graduate of undergraduate students, the primary source of funding for the University of Waterloo.  In addition, the Assistant Registrar, Records Operations contributes to the general operation of the Office as a senior management team member.

Key Accountabilities:


Stewarding of student records’ policies to support enrolment management


The Assistant Registrar, Policy and Communications in consultation with the Associate Registrar, Records and Systems, and the Assistant Registrar, Records Operations collectively determine the strategy for student records management at the University.  The overarching goal is to formulate policies and guidelines that can be applied to all University students fairly and consistently, while ensuring the academic integrity of Waterloo degrees. 


The Assistant Registrar, Records Operations is responsible for the interpretation and application of student record policies, striving for consistency among faculty and staff within the University.


The Assistant Registrar, Records Operations is responsible for the planning, analysis, scheduling and direction of records activities for current and former University of Waterloo students in a manner that is student focused, fair and transparent, while guarding the privacy of the students’ record.


The Assistant Registrar is accountable for the understanding of policy and practice in petitions among six undergraduate faculties and adheres to records retention and audit rules.  They are responsible for ensuring current Exception to Academic Regulations practices and policies are thoroughly understood across all Faculties and Affiliated Institutes. 


In order to achieve Faculty and University goals, close co-operation and consultation with the Associate Deans, Undergraduate Studies are required during the daily application of the academic policies for records maintenance and student academic progression.  They provide expert advice to Associate Deans. 


They also provide direction on the implementation of practices to the systems team, working collaboratively to ensure best practices for clientele and staff, while ensuring the academic integrity of the institution.  They maintain the academic integrity of student record for six faculties – upholding the high standards of the University of Waterloo.




Collection and maintenance of student academic data   


The Assistant Registrar, Records Operations is responsible for the confidential collection and maintenance of student academic performance data in adherence with all University policies and auditor requirements.  This entails ensuring automatic and manual academic decisions are applied accurately and consistently to students’ records, including exceptions made through the petition process.   


This process involves ongoing consultation with Faculty officers from the six faculties and the Manager, Records and Systems. This data, stored in Quest, drives all downstream activity in regards to reporting on undergraduate students to government for funding as well as supplying information for over 50 interfaces and integrations to other systems on campus. Without quality data in Quest, many other systems on campus could not operate.  As such, this foundational work is key to the success of many other units on campus.


The Assistant Registrar, Records Operations leads research on student-cohort success and trend analysis in response to requests for analysis of Faculty specific data.  Interpretation of results, presentation of the data, conclusions and recommendation made to the Faculties will influence future faculty admissions and records initiatives. The Assistant Registrar generates reports and interprets data to inform policy changes for colleagues on campus.



Management of office procedures and processes related to students’ records


The Assistant Registrar, Records Operations proactively seeks out ideas for improvement to departmental processes and works in collaboration with the Assistant Registrar, Policy and Communications, the Manager, Records and Systems, and other partners within the Registrar’s Office, to implement enhancements and streamline processes and procedures.  The Assistant Registrar, Records Operations is responsible for the creation and maintenance of all records related business procedures documentation.


The Assistant Registrar is accountable for the provision of understanding of current administrative practices as they relate to PeopleSoft for all undergraduate academic records (35,000 students).  They develop the understanding of the senior RO management team around administrative practice within PeopleSoft.


The Assistant Registrar assigns special projects and supervisory duties as appropriate to nine additional staff beyond the three coordinators. 





Representative of the Registrar’s Office to students, faculty and staff


The Assistant Registrar, Records Operation is the Registrar’s representative when questions or concerns are raised by students regarding their academic records. This role is supplementary or complementary to that provided by Faculty and Departmental officers in assisting students with the complexities of the academic process.  They need to act as an advocate for students while maintaining the academic integrity of the University. As a result, they provide a counselling function for students and parents often of highly sensitive information that can lead to stressful conversations.  The Assistant Registrar, Records Operation consults with Faculty advisors, providing guidance on the application of policy and the administration of academic penalties.


The Assistant Registrar works with Associate Deans, Undergraduate Studies on policy 71 and 70 grievances and petitions: handles fraudulent cases, and works with faculties, gathering / sharing all pertinent information for Associate Dean to reach an informed decision.  Misapplication of these grievances could led to legal liability for the University.





 Managing, Leading and Motivating Staff 

The Assistant Registrar, Records Operations is responsible for the recruitment, development and evaluation of staff who report directly to them and will advise and coach on the development of all staff within their scope of reporting. 


The Assistant Registrar, Records Operations will drive the training and development of the Records Coordinators and team of Records Assistants.  The role will be responsible for creating timelines, operational procedures and advanced training on complex records management principles.  The role will ensure that processes are consistent and efficiencies are realized across the Records Coordinators portfolios.


The Assistant Registrar provides leadership and insight for both short and long term plans that meet the objectives of the Registrar’s Office strategic plan.  They identify areas for improvement and consideration for process change.  They research, identify and develop recommendations for review and approval by Undergraduate Operations and Associate Deans


The Assistant Registrar ensures the effective utilization, deployment and development of staff to productively meet department goals and objectives.  They coach, train and develop employees in all area of responsibility to assure growth and development of those individuals for the role, department and University.  They conduct Annual Performance Plans with direct reports.


The Assistant Registrar, Records Operation is accountable for the communication, implementation and change management of new practices resulting from policy review and creation, primarily in the Registrar’s office, but also in the Faculties and other support departments impacted.



Member of the Senior Management team


The Assistant Registrar, Records Operations is an active member of the senior management team, and as such is engaged in the formulation, interpretation and implementation of policies affecting the Registrar’s Office in the evaluation and planning for staff, strategic enrolment management, and overall planning of Registrar activities.

The Assistant Registrar, Records Operations may be asked to be a member of sub-committees of Senate Undergraduate Council or represent the Registrar’s Office on strategic-level committees (e.g. IT and Enrolment Management).


The Assistant Registrar works closely with Student Awards and Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Co-operate Education and Career Action, Graduate Studies Office, etc to ensure impact of any changes to process & procedure are considered and reviewed with other areas prior to implementation.


The Assistant Registrar represents the University of Waterloo in a court of law, acting as a witness pertaining to student cases.  They also represent the University in external organizations such as the Ontario Universities Registrars Association. 



Position Requirements


University degree in a relevant discipline or post-secondary education and equivalent experience


•Strong managerial experience and leadership skills dealing with diverse teams and situations •High degree of analysis, planning and coordination skills •Excellent written and verbal communication skills for varied audiences •Excellent relationship management skills to work with a variety of partners • Strong project management skills •Understanding of issues and trends affecting post-secondary education • Strong customer service skills in supporting students and colleagues


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced knowledge of Student Records Administration Software

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Must maintain a productive working relationship with managers and staff in the Registrar’s Office, Deans and Associate Deans, Affiliated Institutes Leadership, Cooperative Education and Career Action, numerous Faculty and University College based personnel who deal with student records, and managers in other administrative departments. Internally, communicates with senior leadership and other senior employees across all areas (Faculty, Staff) to deal with, influence academic decisions and motivate and settle highly sensitive matters.     

Level of Responsibility:

Accountable for the integrity of all undergraduate student records.  Must provide strong leadership to direct reports and leadership of the records assistants’ team. . The position is expected to develop business protocols and procedures to deliver a superior level of service and experience to students, alumni, staff and faculty and ensure integrity of the academic record for each student.  The position is responsible and accountable for the results of the Undergraduate Records team and is responsible for meeting the Registrar’s Office objectives.  The position is also expected to be forward looking, aware of changing faculty policies and bring innovative and creative concepts and opportunities to the Associate Registrar.

Decision-Making Authority:

Makes decisions that have a significant impact on and consequences for the reputation of the university and the success of students.  Responsible and accountable for executing the Registrar’s Office’s priorities for the Undergraduate Records area and addressing the changes to plans by consulting directly with the Associate Registrar

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Minimal demands typical of an administrative position within an office environment

Working Environment:

Regular working hours, some evening/weekend work required.   The incumbent must be sensitive to the stress resulting from prolonged periods of heavy workload and unforgiving deadlines common to the Registrar’s Office staff.   There will be occasional, irregular and/or high volumes, multiple and/or tight deadlines beyond one's control, and interruptions (e.g. phone calls, e-mails and unplanned but urgent support requests at different times of year).   This role involves moderate psychological risk resulting from unavoidable exposure to emotionally disturbing situations and/or interactions with people who are upset, angry, abusive, aggressive, unstable or unpredictable (e.g. students or parents who have escalated an issue, staff or faculty upset with a decision).