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Copy Centre/Digital Production Operator

Date: November 17, 2016
Reports to (Job Title): Digital Production Manager
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Department: Retail Services


Main Campus



Primary Purpose

The incumbent is accountable for providing excellent customer service, fulfilling sales and services provided in Digital Production and assisting with duties as required in Media.Doc locations.   

Key Accountabilities:


Operates print copiers and digital production equipment as directed.

  • Ensures customer print orders are completed accurately and meeting timelines.
  • Responsible for efficient, timely printing on the digital production copiers and assisting with related duties.
  • Accountable for the secure printing of confidential materials including exams.


Maintains safe operation of printers and computer equipment.

  • Adheres to all applicable health and safety procedures, instructions, and directives.
  • Monitors machine performance and requests service when indicated.


Assists with customer inquiries and provides product and services sales support when required.

  • Support, recommend, and refer customers to the appropriate business units.


Assists the Manager in ensuring optimal operation of the Digital Production area

  • Monitors inventory and notifies the Manager of any pending shortages.
  • Communicates with the Manager regarding any problems that may affect production deadlines.

Position Requirements


High School Diploma.


Experience with operation of production-level printing and finishing equipment including the ability to operate multiple machines simultaneously. Basic computer skills with experience in data entry and managing print queues. Proven self-starter who is responsible for excellent customer service, can work independently, and has meticulous attention to detail. Experience in a high volume print environment with a customer service focus and frequently competing deadlines.


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
None None None other

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Good verbal communications skills.  

Level of Responsibility:

Responsible for ensuring the completion of production jobs as directed. When indicated timelines are not achievable, the incumbent is expected to communicate this to the Manager in order to prioritize jobs to ensure the most efficient outcome.

Decision-Making Authority:

Job-by-Job decisions to ensure that the best quality product is provided to customers.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Physical effort required to lift 50 pounds of paper (boxes). Attention to details, accuracy, and verbal communication with customers, co-workers, and management. Multi-task environment requires excellent organizational skills for timely sequential jobs as received from customers or prioritizing jobs as needed for efficient job completion. 

Working Environment:

Work area is in the production print area of Retail Services. The work requires frequent opportunity to move about and requires attention to the surroundings.