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Student and Faculty Relations - Faculty Relations Manager

Date: May, 2011                              GRADE: USG 12
Reports to (Job Title): Director, Student & Faculty Relations
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Location: location

Primary Purpose

The Faculty Relations Manager is a primary liaison with the faculty on two fronts: a) to ensure co-op contributes to the academic mission of the faculty; and b) to provide account-like oversight to the faculty as a uWaterloo co-op employer. This role provides a senior-level single point of contact with faculty to create greater opportunity for strategic and value-added collaboration and partnering, and facilitates evolution toward uWaterloo as a "model" co-op employer.

Key Accountabilities:

1.Serve as the primary “face” and liaison to Faculty for academic integration and co-op employment, including:

Foster an open and transparent dialog between CECA and the faculty

Identify and promote academic program and faculty co-op requirements

Engage with the Faculty to ensure contributions as appropriate to policy, strategy, new programs, and operational discussions/decisions

Own the experience of all faculty-based employers: academic, staff, and administrative

Optimize Faculty strategies to effectively manage co-op work terms

Ensure appropriate support for Faculty co-op and graduate hiring as per a faculty account plan.

2.Ensure consultation and support for initiatives (faculty or CECA) for student success (e.g. criteria for jobs, duration of work terms, etc.), working with the Co-op Student Experience Manager,

Lead CECA engagement with faculty on program reviews and feasibility analyses

3.Lead development of jobs for new academic programs, including:

Create smooth transition to account manager when first co-op student is hired

Monitor success of two work terms of new role through Account Manager and Student Advisor,

4.Provide overall leadership to the organization

Personally champion mission, vision and guiding principles and play a leadership role in bringing them to life

Provide leadership, direction and strategic planning for CECA

Monitor business practices to ensure that CECA has the appropriate practices and processes to work effectively internally and represent UW externally

Lead the development of new capabilities required by the introduction of new systems, tools or processes

Develop productive, collaborative working relationships across CECA and uWaterloo

Lead the identification, development and implementation of projects to improve service quality, relationships, stakeholder satisfaction, timeliness, staff capability and performance

Develop internal/external customer service standards, monitors satisfaction with service delivered and take action to restore and enhance service quality

5.Leverage Faculty relationships to develop new employers outside UW

Position Requirements


University Degree


7 years of related experience, including experience in front-line or account management, and experience in academic settings, preferably working with faculty-level administration.

Program/project management experience is an asset
research planning and executing web-based research is an asset


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Average Average Average Familiarity with common and/or popular

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Politically savvy and a relationship builder, the Faculty Relations Manager will apply innovation, creativity and a congenially assertive approach as an advocate for the faculty, while balancing their interests with those of CECA. The Faculty Relations Manager has excellent written and oral communications (e.g. above average ability to tell a story, frame an argument or justify a position; orally, to spontaneously advocate, support, respond to informational requirements or queries), and is skilled at business-oriented problem analysis. The Faculty Relations Manager is able to deal with ambiguity, to understand the trade-offs between additional effort vs. incremental improvement, and to leverage information that is directionally correct. The Faculty Relations Manager has influencing and teamwork skills, and the ability to lead co-workers in projects and teams.

Level of Responsibility:

The Faculty Relations Manager performs no direct supervision of others: they manage a company-wide function or process that is specialized but has no direct reports. The Faculty Relations Manager provides coaching and co-worker support, and makes policy contributions to academic integration and employment within the faculties and CECA (e.g. will have a high level of empowerment to represent CECA in matters of policy or practice with the faculties).

Problem solving
The Faculty Relations Manager works with incomplete or poor quality data and information, assesses and integrates the needs and perspectives of multiple stakeholders, and drives from available information to actionable and innovative recommendations (e.g. new program definitions; relevance criteria for specific work terms in a sequence; methods and strategies for job development and employer relations).

Financial Accountability

Internal and External Contacts
The Faculty Relations Manager exchanges information with colleagues including other Faculty Relations Managers, Academic Support Unit Relations Managers, Student Advisors, Career Advisors, Executive team, Account managers, Faculty Support Administrator, Student Experience Managers, to leverage skills and ensure support for all relations with faculty. The Faculty Relations Manager discusses information with faculty chairs and associate deans and deans, to ensure dialog on a strategic level with faculty on program reviews, new program design, feasibility and other strategic analyses. The Faculty Relations Manager exchanges information with administrative personnel at faculty as it relates to co-op hiring, for co-op planning and hiring support, and with individual employers in faculty, to ensure

awareness of primary supervisor staff and facilitate dialog on best practices. There will be occasion to interact with senior university administrators on policy and planning committees and councils

The Faculty Relations Manager may also interact with professional associations or accreditation bodies, University alumni, or research funders to obtain, clarify and discuss information, and may on occasion be called upon to represent CECA and faculty interests to employers.

Decision-Making Authority:

The Faculty Relations Manager makes decisions about final student disciplinary decisions and conflict resolution and prioritization among stakeholder goals. The Faculty Relations Manager makes program or plan decisions regarding policy, practice, design.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

This role requires exertion of physical or sensory effort resulting in slight fatigue, strain or risk of injury.

Working Environment:

This role involves minimal psychological risk resulting from unavoidable exposure to hazardous, disagreeable or uncomfortable environmental conditions. There may be ambiguity of situations and shortcomings in data, and some internal clients may be demanding, may request breaking policy, and some situations may require escalation. This role involves unusual hours or schedules (e.g. flexible/extended work hours to meet changing priorities and pressing deadlines); irregular and/or high volumes and multiple and/or tight deadlines beyond one’s control (e.g. multiple stakeholder demands), and constant interruptions (e.g. phone, e-mail)