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Facility Manager

Department: Athletics & Recreational Services Effective Date:

June 2006

Grade: USG 10 Reports to: Director of Athletics and Recreational Services

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Director of Athletics and Recreational Services for the achievement of program and services objectives through the administration and supervision of the Equipment Centers and Arena staff: the scheduling, event management, maintenance and inventory of all Athletic facilities and equipment: and for the provision of all necessary services to provide suitable and safe environments for Recreational and Interuniversity competition. Additionally, the necessary leadership to have the vision of the facility growth of the University, and, the provision of full coordination of external events held in the athletic facilities.

Nature and Scope

The Facilities Manager is a senior supervisory position reporting directly to the Director of Athletics. The incumbent will interface directly with all other Departmental supervisory positions including the six Interuniversity Coordinators, four Coordinators of Campus Recreation, and the Manager of Marketing. The Equipment Centers and Arena staffs are directly responsible to the incumbent. The remaining full-time athletic professional staff and 75 part-time coaches and assistants would interact with the incumbent in the areas of scheduling facilities, facility preparation, equipment disbursement and inventory, cleaning and repair, provision of security, and general event management.

The incumbent has direct dealings in person, by phone and through correspondence with other University non-athletic Staff, Faculty, and Administrative units such as the Registrar's office, Central Stores, Plant Operations, Grounds, Janitorial Services, Security, and the Conference Center, and their relevant staff. Similarly this person also deals directly with external agencies such as other Universities playing in our facilities, internal and external groups renting the facilities, media personnel, companies manufacturing general and capital equipment, and any/all types of service agencies necessary to the maintenance of the facilities. The incumbent must be computer literate and be able to create databases.

The incumbent must be knowledgeable in University policies and procedures, familiar with staff policies, have excellent communication and managerial skills, and good interpersonal relations skills. Knowledge is also required of Health and Safety Regulations; Union contract requirements related to this area; technical knowledge of wood and ice surfaces, commercial laundry equipment, ice machines, and storage requirements for all types of equipment.

As Facilities Manager, the incumbent is in a senior supervisory capacity with the Equipment Centers, full and part-time staff, and the Arena, full and part-time staff. This includes overseeing the recruitment of all staff, staff training, performance evaluations, and any necessary disciplinary action. It requires maintenance of schedules for shift deployment, vacations, sick leaves, overtime, etc.; management and assignment of workloads; payroll; dissemination of policy information; and, assessing the need for additional temporary help.

It is the role of the Facility Manager to ensure that all facilities are scheduled, maintained, set-up, and taken down for all events occurring within the physical recreation facilities. The Facility Manager negotiates with Plant Operations, Central Stores, Grounds and Security for the set-up, take-down and event security, for any and all events, maintenance schedules, repairs, etc., requiring these services. This would include ordinary and extraordinary building, arena, courts, pool, and fields repair, normal programming, conferences, rentals, special events, registrations and exams. The incumbent acts as the liaison between the Registrar's Office and/or the Conference Centre and those Departments whose services are required to prepare the Facility for their use. This requires a detailed knowledge of facility requirements for all sports and all special events- i.e. time-clocks, nets, ice-cleaning, lining fields, set-up time for the stage, etc. It necessitates an annual plan of facility and equipment repair and replacement.  Troubleshooting during events necessitates the Manager working many evenings and week-ends.

The Facility Manager directs the receiving, distribution, storage, cleaning, and inventory of all athletic equipment from balls to uniforms, nets to ice machines, washers and dryers to electronic timing equipment, etc., uniforms for 31 men's and women's Varsity teams, practice gear for 300 athletes, recreational equipment for a Campus Recreation program servicing more than 12,000 participants per term.

The Facility Manager, with the Manager, Business Operations, collaborates on policies and procedures for the booking, scheduling, and rental of any and all athletic facilities. In concert with the Program Coordinators, the Facility Manager determines and approves the weekly, term and yearly master schedules for all activity spaces. The facilities under the jurisdiction of the Manager include the gymnasiums, weight rooms, squash and tennis courts, studios, pool, the arena, playing fields, University Stadium, Equipment Centers, all dressing rooms, the Cambridge fitness center, and all storage areas.

The Facility Manager tries to resolve any conflicts, complaints, etc., with the appropriate program Coordinator, the person booking the facility, or rental agency. The Director assists with conflicts, complaints, and questions of policy as required.

The Facility Manager is also responsible for purchases of incidentals necessary to the proper functioning of the facilities(e.g. hand-soap, laundry detergent, etc.); advising the Director on necessities in capital equipment purchases such as washers, dryers, score-clocks; and supplying the necessary towels, locks, strip, etc. to maintain our service requirement. Each term, the incumbent must also co-ordinate and arrange for the rental of lockers, distribution of racquet tokens, and any and all control devices as may be incorporated.

Within this portfolio is the area of the concession service for the PAC and the CIF. This entails hiring and supervising those who work concessions.  Products for resale are the responsibility of the Manager.

The incumbent is responsible for the overall risk management issues related to the physical facilities and the general policy usage of the facilities.   Knowledge of the University risk policies and procedures is imperative.

The incumbent must have a vision for the facility group of employees; have a customer service outlook; must provide leadership to the department in general and specifically within there area.  This is a senior position and thus must contribute to the whole of the activities of the department while being consultative to the Director.

Statistical Data

Management of millions of dollars worth of facilities ; $500 to $700,000 of Capital Equipment; and  about $500,000. of non-capital

            Part-time payroll of $80,000.

            Locker rental $44,000

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions