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Undergraduate Recruitment Co-ordinator

Department: Arts Undergraduate Office Effective Date: September, 2012


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Associate Dean:  Undergraduate Studies, Faculty of Arts

General Accountability

The Undergraduate Recruitment Co-ordinator is accountable to the Associate Dean: Undergraduate Studies for developing the portion of the Faculty’s marketing and recruitment plan, which includes relationship building, event strategies, and strategic use of new media. S/he has functional accountability to the Marketing & Recruitment Specialist.

Nature and Scope

The Arts Undergraduate Office (AUO) provides wide-ranging service to the Faculty of Arts as a whole as well as the University of Waterloo community in the areas of undergraduate curriculum development and change, and in the broad area of student engagement, which includes student recruiting, academic counselling and advisement, as well as any new initiatives focused on outreach, engagement and retention of new and current students. Specific activities and specializations of the Arts Undergraduate Office include communications and publications, recruitment and liaison, applicant counselling, admissions and transfer credit assessment, student advisement, course counselling and confidential counselling, student academic discipline, academic and standings progress monitoring, transition and retention, enrolment management support, and curriculum development and support.


The Arts Undergraduate Office serves a clientele of approximately 4,000 undergraduate students (of an estimated 7,000 full- and part-time students in Arts) with a wide range of needs and interests, and other significant groups including a large and various audience of Arts Faculty applicants and potential applicants, the Dean of Arts, Arts’ other Associate Deans, the Arts department Chairs and Associate Chairs: Undergraduate Studies, other offices and areas of the university, and other educational institutions and members of the public. Student clients may be full- or part-time, on campus or at a distance, OSS or non-OSS, domestic or international, young or mature, internal or external transfers, Honours Arts Year I, non-degree, in Honours Arts and Business regular or co-op, or in upper-year Liberal Studies.


The Undergraduate Recruitment Co-ordinator is one of 11 staff members in the AUO, which is headed by Arts’ Associate Dean: Undergraduate Studies.


Statistical Data

Number of Arts departments:

15 + School of Accounting and Finance, Stratford campus, 4 Federated and Affiliated Colleges, Balsillie School of International Affairs

Number of Arts academic disciplines:

More than 30

Number of Arts academic plans:

More than 230 majors, minors, diplomas, etc.

Number of applications to Arts per year:

10,000 – 11,000

Number of Arts offers made per year:


Number of confirmed offer (incoming new students) per year:


Recruitment events per year:

8 – 9


Specific Accountabilities

1.Recruitment Events


2.Relationship building


3.Recruitment – General Duties 3.

    • Consults with Associate Dean of Arts: Undergraduate Studies and the Marketing & Recruitment Specialist to devise undergraduate recruitment relationship-building and event strategies and protocols, and determine required research.
    • Conducts research to inform strategic direction (and implementation) for relationship-building, event, and outreach initiatives.
    • Leads and monitors Faculty/Program-specific social networking initiatives.
    • Develops and leads training for Marketing and Undergraduate Recruitment (M&UR) liaison officers, student ambassadors, Faculty student ambassadors, and others involved in delivering recruitment initiatives.




5.Service to Committees


6.Supervisory duties



7.Faculty of Arts Academic Services and Activities




Significant Internal Relationships:


Working Conditions