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Manager, Central Stores

Department: Central Stores Effective Date: March, 2014

USG 13

37.5 hr/wk

Reports to: Vice President, Administration and Finance

General Accountability

The Manager of Central Stores is accountable to the Vice President, Administration and Finance.  The Manager is responsible for university related on-campus and off-campus delivery systems including mail service, shipping, receiving (using computerized receiving and tracking technology), moving, storage, surplus, warehouse product disbursements (Stores Requisitions), waste management (paper products), confidential shredding, e-waste material handling/recycling, specific courier delivery routes, Centralized Digital Imaging Process and Gas cylinder management.

Nature and Scope

The Manager provides leadership and direction to approximately 24 full-time, 5 contract and 4 to 5 seasonal student staff with an annual budget of $2,000,000.  Central Stores provides approximately 3,500 deliveries per day to over 70 buildings.  It conducts the receiving function for approximately 6,100 pieces (Purchase orders, System Contracts, Unordered Receipts and UW internal pickups/deliveries) per day, processes 180 shipping orders per day and receives 6,000 pieces of mail per day. Outgoing mail processing on average equals 303,700, plus 1,500,000 pieces of Addressed Admail per year. Services provided through 12 routes/10 drivers, arranges approximately 7 moves per day, sets up for special events such as convocation, exams, conferences and delivers hundreds of larger freight items daily (two 5-ton trucks/4 drivers), operates the Tri-University Library Delivery system (1 route/1 driver), operates the Marketing/Strategic Communication courier delivery/pickup service (1 route/1 driver), handles additional off- campus delivery service to the School of Architecture (Cambridge), Centre for Extended Learning (Kitchener), the Health Sciences Campus [School of Pharmacy and Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine] (Kitchener) and the Stratford Campus (Stratford).  Central Stores (Digital Imaging Specialist) also administers the Centralized Digital Imaging program, which provides secure and compliant imaging of paper documents into catalogued digital files for UW departments (1.5 staff).  In addition, Central Stores (Gas Cylinder Management Coordinator) administers and provides safe transportation of dangerous gas cylinders directly to labs on campus, using a specialized delivery vehicle, while also conducting/managing order and inventory processes (1 coordinator, numerous certified delivery personnel).  Central Stores is also responsible for surplus sales ($125,000 per year), warehouses temporary storage items (2 warehouses), provides inventory and disbursement of standard items (envelopes, forms, paper towels, garbage bags, etc), manages paper portion of the recycling program (10 tons every 6-8 days), with incorporation of confidential shredding processes that include an industrial sized shredder and computerized data  records.   Manages the operations of a high volume e-waste recycling process, and implements other sustainability initiatives.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

  1. Provide effective and efficient service to the campus. The department has extensive interaction with the University community and external entities.

  2. Maintain effective employee relations and a safe work environment.

  3. Must be knowledgeable of and operate in conformity with all applicable codes and statues including the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Highway Traffic Act, and the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act.

  4. Work cooperatively with Procurement and Contract Services to ensure efficient operations.

  5. Provide new and innovative services to meet the University community’s requirements.

  6. Provide effective control of the Central Stores services by monitoring the departmental budget and directing resources.

  7. Participate in the development of information systems for the effective management of Central Stores.

  8. Oversees and provides services to manage the Inter-University Transit System (IUTS), which involves special courier processing, and the cataloguing of the university’s library books and other materials, in preparation for loan to other educational institutions.

  9. Provide resources and manage the university wide tow motor and product lift apparatus government approved training program.

  10. Maintain effective confidential paper shredding processes, which includes electronic data recording of all shredded materials, while providing the secure and efficient handling/destruction of sensitive and confidential paper materials.

  11. Provide effective process and control mechanisms for the university’s electronic waste products.  Develop strategies to divert electronic waste products from landfill sites.

  12. Provide processes and oversee the waste management data collection records, while providing web based files to report the University’s Green recycling initiatives.

  13. Provides safe and secure delivery/pickup processes for over 2000 gas cylinders campus wide.
  14. Delivers campus wide digital imaging services using On-Base technologies and under applicable government regulations.

Working Conditions