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Senior Technician, Environmental Isotope Lab

Department: Earth Sciences , Environmental Isotope Laboratory (EIL) Effective Date: October 2, 2002   
Grade: USG 6 Reports to: Mgr, Env Isotope Lab

General Accountability

Under the supervision of R.J. Drimmie, the technician will be  responsible for the preparation and analyses of sulphate samples for oxygen-18/16 and sulphur 34/32, and water samples for deuterium.

Nature and Scope

The environmental isotope laboratory (EIL) analyses samples for the content of various isotopes for both University and external researchers. The EIL charges for these analyses to cover chemical, equipment and salary costs related to the analyses. There is a job available as long as there are samples to analyze because these analyses generate the funds for the salary.

1) There are two prime elements of the job. The first is the preparation of samples for sulphur and oxygen according to Technical Procedure 23.0 Sulphate Isotope Analyses. After pretreament, the samples will be analysed for sulphur isotope content with the Europa Roboprep-20/20 EA-IRMS and oxygen isotope determinations on the Eurovector-EA- IsoPrime-IRMS. (HT/EA-IRMS) system. The incumbent will carry out this duty under the supervision of Robert Drimmie/Richard Heemskerk. The raw data from the IRMS systems are converted with a computer program to final results which are reported to M.E. Patton.

2)The second element the incumbant will setup and operate the Eurovector-EA- IsoPrime-IRMS. (HT/EA-IRMS) system for deuterium isotope analysis of water and solid samples. The incumbent must generate by computer manipulation using Excel and then report final results to M.E. Patton.

3) The third element is to write and maintain the technical procedures for all techniques

4) The incumbent is responsible for the monitoring and maintaining proper functioning of the above systems with the assistance of Richard Heemskerk and William Mark . She is also responsible for sample control and reporting results to Mrs. Patton, the Administrator.

5) As a technician in the Isotope lab, it is necessary to have an operating knowledge of the Mass Spectrometer systems and to provide general repairs, routine maintenance and advice to graduate students and fellow technicians on this equipment. A working knowledge of MassLinx, Microsoft Word, Excel, NT and general PC use as well as other analytical techniques is required.

The incumbent should have a working knowledge of similar techniques and arrange her schedule according to which samples have priority as discussed with either M.E. Patton or R. Drimmie. The incumbent is able to change techniques with minimal supervision.

The incumbent will be responsible for housekeeping in an assigned area. Other tasks which will have Technical Procedures to follow may be assigned as necessary.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions