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Clerical Assistant

Department: Centre for Contact Lens Research Effective Date: September 20, 2005
Grade: USG 3 Reports to:

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Administrator of the Centre for Contact Lens Research (CCLR).  It exists to facilitate the administrative aspects of protocol requirements for all CCLR studies with regard to the preparation, processing and storage of study participant files as well as to carry out reception duties and assist with participant recruitment.

Nature and Scope

The Centre for Contact Lens Research is a semi-autonomous unit located in the School of Optometry which works in partnership with the contact lens industry to conduct clinical and basic research in order to understand the eye’s response to contact lens wear.  It has a major role in the support of the development of contact lenses and related products and is world renowned for its research in this area.

The Clerical Assistant is responsible for managing all the files pertaining to study participants and data collection.  This will necessitate him/her being completely familiar with the protocol requirements for each study. Given the number and variety of studies that are typically being conducted at any one time, a high level of concentration and attention to detail are required to handle large volumes in a very busy environment.

The Clerical Assistant will work closely with the Scheduling Assistant and Recruitment Assistant to recruit and manage the flow of study participants to the Centre.  The team environment in which the CCLR functions most effectively will require that s/he also interact frequently with the other members of the CCLR in order to achieve these goals.  As this is considered a front-line position within the CCLR, the main focus of the position will involve interaction with study participants and the public as well.

Statistical Data

The CCLR currently has an operating budget in excess of $2.5 million and completes at least 25 contracts and grants per year.  It is currently housed in a 5,000 sq ft facility and supports the following:

In addition to internal School of Optometry and University of Waterloo departments/personnel, the CCLR is currently associated with 10 of the leading contact lens companies as well as other academic institutions involved in contact lens research.  It maintains a database of at least 3,000 potential study participants with approximately 1,000 participants enrolled in various studies annually.

Specific Accountabilities

To process the required paperwork on each file when study visits are completed and ensure that the file is either passed along to the appropriate individuals for data entry, payment, photocopying or filing.

To prepare the study files needed for the daily activity and place reminder calls to participants.

To prepare all new study files including the reproduction of forms either onsite or through Graphics.

To maintain the participant and study filing systems including assisting other CCLR members in file tracking and retrieval and preparing files for archiving as necessary.

To assist the Scheduling Assistant with scheduling of study appointments and reception duties.

To assist other CCLR members with photocopying and shipping.

To assist the Recruitment Assistant with the recruitment of study participants including retrieval of messages from the dedicated phone, retrieval of pre-screening questionnaires submitted online, ensuring proper completion of pre-screening questionnaires, obtaining prescriptions and other contact lens information where needed and maintaining the pre-screening database.

Working Conditions